15 Microsoft 365 Apps You Can Get For Just $12.50 A Month

15 Microsoft 365 Apps You Can Get For Just $12.50 A Month

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Microsoft 365 has become the go-to productivity suite for most businesses.

After all, the output of a workforce revolves around applications like email, a calendar, a word processor, a slideshow creator, and a spreadsheet. Microsoft 365 offers them all, plus a whole lot more. And as the American workforce has become more mobile, there’s been an increasing need for a collaboration toolset that suits working from home.

That’s why Microsoft has invested in tailoring each Office 365 plan to suit a variety of working environments.

  • For as little as $5-a-month, you can get most of what you need with Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Or upgrade to Premium for $12.50 and access these 15 productivity-boosting apps

…Ready to see what you’ll get? Let’s go.

Get These 15 Microsoft Apps With Your Office 365 Plan

If you subscribe to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, it will cost you just $12.50 per month. And you’ll get access to all the cloud computing services and apps you need, whether you work from home or sit at your office desk.

Here’s a rundown of the 15 apps included:

  1. Word: The app that sets the standard for word processors around the world. If your workforce creates written documents, you need Word. And you can get it both as a Basic and Premium user.
  2. Excel: A favorite application of the 90s. And it’s still going strong in the 2000s. Where would data analysis be without Excel? There’s simply no better tool for running the numbers.
  3. Outlook: There are email clients galore these days, but Microsoft 365’s solution combines email and a calendar under its Outlook banner. In truth, it’s a bit of a busy interface that some love, others hate, but Outlook does its job very well.
  4. To-Do: Outlook used to be even busier until Microsoft 365 created a separate ‘To-Do’ app in its productivity suite. Thankfully, this function has taken the to-do list out of the calendar and given it a standalone, feature-rich tool that can communicate with every other Microsoft 365 app.
  5. PowerPoint: Slideshows have become the keystone of many meetings, with PowerPoint driving much of the hype. The tool is perfect for designing, displaying, and disseminating updates, whether you choose to create a basic slideshow, an animation, or a video.
  6. Publisher: If PowerPoint isn’t for you, you may want to try Publisher. It offers everything you need to create more permanent documents, including formal newsletters, brochures, and eBooks.
  7. OneNote: But where would your creativity be without a reliable note-taking app? In this mobile world, OneNote has become a godsend for capturing important details on one device, then reviewing your ideas on another.
  8. OneDrive: If OneNote is perfect for capturing your thoughts, OneDrive is ideal for storing and sharing them. This cloud-based storage system lets you save up to 1TB of data in a Business Premium account, meaning notes, word documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints can be available for everyone to see.
  9. Microsoft Teams: Chat apps are now standard practice in most teams, remote or otherwise. That’s why Microsoft created its own. It’s called Teams. And the interface integrates instant messaging, content sharing, and other tools for a seamless messenger service.
  10. SharePoint: Now, onto some more sophisticated functions. Sharepoint helps businesses share data within and across departments, either by hosting intranet websites, smaller sites for individual teams, or permission-only URLs that select users can access.
  11. Kaizala: Even if you’re out of the office, using an insecure connection, you still need to be reachable. Kaizala offers a secure mobile messaging app that employees can use both on-site and on-the-go, allowing your workforce, customers, and vendors to communicate and coordinate without ever risking your network security.
  12. Delve, Yammer, And Sway: We’re kind of breaking our rules here, but these three apps work best as a trio. For those who like to brainstorm, share documents, and host video meetings on the fly, these three applications are for you. They are unique Microsft 365 tools that make collaboration simple by keeping the comms flowing.
  13. Flow: Talking of flow, 365 has its own workflow management software called, you guessed it, Flow. It offers a straightforward way to stay on top of your notifications across all of your applications.
  14. Power BI: Exel works for basic data analysis. But every enterprise needs a more sophisticated business intelligence function. Power BI is just that. It gives companies the tools to collect, sort, and present business intelligence data in a simple, intuitive way.
  15. PowerApps: Finally, for those companies that need more bespoke tools to do specific jobs, there’s PowerApps. The framework deploys simplified development techniques to enable anyone to create custom applications using the features, functions, and processes of Microsoft 365.

Nearly every office worker needs an email account, a calendar, and a way to capture ideas.

At the same time, a fair few workers will want a way to create presentations alongside access to a spreadsheet (at least every now and then) — these are the tools that drive productivity in the workplace. And this is why Microsoft 365 is so popular, but you don’t have to blow the budget to access what your employees need.

Microsoft 365 Suits Small And Large Businesses Alike

If your business only requires the basics, a Business Basic subscription costs just $5 per user, per month.

It still comes with access to the web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — as well as Teams and OneDrive. Or if your users want all 15 applications shown in the previous section, then Business Premium costs $12.50 per month (while an individual license costs $69.99 per year).

No matter which subscription you choose, each one includes three benefits:

  • Five devices: One license covers up to five devices per user
  • 24/7 support: Each subscription includes on-demand web and phone support
  • 99.9% reliability: Microsoft 365 promises 99.9% uptime, ensuring your business rarely suffers interruptions (and each package includes five layers of security monitoring to safeguard your data against all potential threats)

If you’re thinking about using Office 365, feel free to contact the Mid-coast Tech Office 365 support service on 207-223-7594 — we’d be delighted to help where we can.