7 Simple Ways You Can Use Office 365 To Boost Your Business

7 More Ways You Can Use Office 365 To Boost Your Business

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Running a business is a non-stop operation. 

One second, you’re in a face-to-face meeting. The next, on a conference call… before you try to find a quiet corner in a cafe to dive into that sales deck you were meant to be working on all week. When you have so much on your plate — and such an unpredictable routine — it’s crucial you have the tools to make the most of your precious time.

Thankfully, the product suite of Microsoft Office 365 is custom-built for people just like you. Office 365 includes everything a business owner needs: from a professional email service to a range of collaboration apps, meaning you can always get what needs doing, done, no matter where you’re working from.

Better still, when you need a teammate to lend a hand, sharing information is as easy as sharing a link. For an insight on how Microsoft Office 365 can boost your business, read on.

1. Full-featured collaboration suite

Office 365 is all about making teamwork easy. Office Web Apps give you a simple way to work together in real-time in cloud-based documents, so you don’t have to send (and re-send) revisions by email.

Working on a sales deck? Do it in tandem on PowerPoint. Building a financial model? Add inputs to Excel while your finance manager does the same. Changes update on the fly, so everyone always has accurate information — and you can even see who’s added a particular detail (in case you have a question).

To get started, simply open a new document in SharePoint, and it will appear in a shared folder for all to see.

2. Seamless file-sharing service

When you finish finessing a company brochure, nothing’s more annoying than finding the file size is too big to send it via email. Thankfully, Office 365 avoids such frustrations thanks to one single integration.

Link your online Office Apps to your Outlook email service, and you can share a link via email so that everyone can find the file in the cloud in one click. Recipients can tweak the document if they want, or download it if they need: it’s up to you to set the permissions that make sense.

3. A quick way to embed documents on your website

Back to that brochure you’ve just created. If it’s fit for purpose, you may want to add it to your site… or perhaps, you just need to upload an order form.

Office 365 lets you embed files from OneDrive straight onto your website. Which means you can make the most of your one terabyte of file storage space and simply copy-paste an embed code so that customers can download the document in an instant.

4. Add a touch of professionalism to your emails

Whether your business is a multi-national conglomerate or a single-state operation, you want it to look professional. Office 365 makes it easy to create a professional email signature so that your customers know you mean business whenever they receive a message.

You can even add social media links, awards you may have won, or other details that help to sell your services — these days, a professional email signature is a perfect way to market what you do.

5. Sign documents online

When key documents need signing, there’s not a moment to lose. Office 365 keeps things moving thanks to its integration with DocuSign, meaning anyone can sign a document online. Just open the application, follow the instructions, and you could be signing documents with an electronic signature today.

6. Host global meetings from home

When the travel ban lifts, you may be able to visit your supplier in Asia. However, until that time, video conferencing may be the only way to speak with them face-to-face. Office 365 comes with access to Skype, putting a video conferencing tool at your fingertips and bringing your supply chain to your living room.

Does that mean your supplier needs Skype too? Not at all. You can send meeting links via email and run video calls directly in the web browser, which keeps things simple for all. While Skype works just as well on mobile, giving you the ultimate flexibility to chat on the go — in case you have to head out halfway through a call.

7. Post your notes online

We live in a digital age. Still, sometimes nothing beats good old pen-and-paper. Maybe to jot down ideas in a meeting or note a last-minute client request. But then what? No-one wants to lose such crucial information.

Office 365 includes note-taking app OneNote as standard. The app gives you instant access to notes, so you can use your smartphone camera to snap what you’ve written — before uploading the image file to your OneNote account. And if you need to remember those ideas at the end of the day: simply take out your phone, open the OneNote app, and there they are.


Microsoft Office 365 is designed for modern-day working. It combines a suite of cloud-based apps that put information at your fingertips, your team just a click away, and endless file storage way up in the cloud. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular business products on the market today.

If you want to give Office 365 a try, the team at Mid-coast Tech can help you get started — just give us a call on 207-223-7594.