7 Office 365 Plug-ins To Turbocharge Your Productivity

7 Office 365 Plug-ins To Turbocharge Your Productivity

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Microsoft Office 365 has become one of the world’s favorite productivity tools.

It connects teams across timezones with everything based in the cloud. Meaning that even as we transition to a work-from-home culture, we won’t lose out on close collaboration.

Businesses can choose from a variety of monthly subscriptions, with benefits including 20GB of storage in OneDrive, free international calls on Skype, and access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on-tap. You can use Office 365 to boost your business in many ways.

But if you combine a subscription with the following seven plug-ins, you’ll see workplace productivity soar — ready to turbocharge your workflows? 

… Let’s go.

1. DocuSign For Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the email client that comes with Office 365. DocuSign is a separate program that lets you sign documents electronically — put the two together and watch the magic happen.

Every business has to sign invoices and agreements at least a few times a week. Imagine being able to sign them right in Outlook and store a signed version in OneDrive for safe-keeping. With DocuSign, you can — and the workflow makes it super simple to keep business moving; especially now work is mostly happening online.

2. Grammarly

Microsoft programs come with a built-in spellchecker.

But we’ve all seen it fail to spot spelling and grammar mistakes, much to our embarrassment. Grammarly is a much more sophisticated tool that not only picks up the most obscure errors. It also offers suggestions on how to make your writing easier to read. It works as both a browser extension and a plug-in. And it’s available in Word and Outlook.

There’s a basic version that helps you eliminate missing commas and dangling modifiers (don’t know what a dangling modifier is? Try Grammarly and find out!). And a premium version that offers word choice suggestions and style advice based on the parameters you set.

3. Boomerang

Clogged up inboxes have become a thing of nightmares. If you dream of a tool that could help you hit the elusive ‘0’ unread messages (while never forgetting to respond to the important ones), Boomerang for Outlook is for you.

  • It prods you to reply to unanswered emails
  • It lets you schedule a response at the perfect time in the future
  • And if you don’t hear back, you’ll get a reminder to follow-up

You can even add a smart calendar assistant that helps you schedule meetings and share real-time availability, all from Outlook.

4. FindTime

With your smart calendar assistant in place, you’re one step away from seamless meeting scheduling. All you need now is the FindTime plug-in.

FindTime lets you see every participant’s real-time availability and propose several different times. Each attendee then gets to vote on the one they like best. All that’s left to do is to click ‘send invite.FindTime doesn’t automate scheduling completely. But it does eliminate the endless back-and-forth between busy people — not only finding a good time for a meeting but also saving a lot of wasted energy.

5. Zoom Scheduler

Work from home might as well be called ‘work from Zoom.’

The popular video conferencing tool has all-but-taken over the digital meeting space. So it makes sense there’s a nifty Zoom Scheduler on desktop and mobile to help you confirm your video calls, once FindTime has found a slot. It automates both the scheduling and the start of a meeting and will update your status to ‘busy’ in the Zoom client, once a session starts.

Zoom Scheduler is only available on version 3.5 or higher on PCs and macOS 10.14.1 or higher — so if you want to use it, you’ll need to get your system up-to-date.

6. Evernote

Office 365 wants to be the ultimate remote work toolset. But Microsoft also understands this one fact better than most: once a person becomes comfortable with a particular program, they’re unlikely to switch.

That’s why many people have stuck with the trusty Evernote as their preferred note-taking app — as even though Office 365 has developed the respectable OneNote, Evernote is still the easiest way to stay on top of meandering thoughts. And the Office 365 plug-in keeps your headspace in shape while letting you send information to those who need-to-know. 

Enjoy seamless workflows by saving emails to Evernote or share specific content with colleagues, straight through the Microsoft Teams app. 

7. Pexels

What better way to complete the picture than with Pexels? The plug-in that lets you insert beautiful imagery into any document. Pexels images are available under the Creative Commons Zero License, which means you can use them all for free. Browse the library, search for specific content, save images you like for future use, or see what’s trending if you’re short on inspiration.

…and as the sun sets on a document that’s all words, why not use Pexels to bring your work to life?

Pexels image

Pexels image of a sunset

These 7 Office 365 Plug-ins Will Amp Up Your Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect productivity tool. But a few routine tasks have slipped through the cracks. 

If you add these seven plug-ins to your Office 365 Suite, you’ll see your output soar by saving time on the menial and injecting a new-found efficiency into nearly everything you do. Get ready to turbocharge your workflows.

Add these seven plug-ins to Office 365 today.


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