9 Best Alternatives To Slack In 2020

9 Best Alternatives To Slack In 2020

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Slack has become the go-to collaboration tool for more than 12 million users.

Its popularity has spawned an entire industry of work-based chat apps. Some of them look similar to Slack, some look very different. While many cost less, do more, and could be easier to use, depending on your needs.

If you’re searching for a tool that boosts team communication (that’s not Slack) — here are nine Slack alternatives to check out in 2020.

1. Microsoft Teams

  • Devices: iOS, Android, macOS, and Web
  • Price: From $5/user/month (with a freemium version) 

Microsoft Teams is a favorite here at Mid-Coast Tech. The business chat tool is best for bigger businesses. And it comes as part of the ‘Business Essentials’ or ‘Business Premium’ Microsoft Office 365 plans. If you want to try Teams without paying for Office 365, you can use a freemium version and get access to features like instant chat, audio and video calls (that host up to 80 people), and integrations with Office 365 products (alongside 180 other custom apps).

Business Essentials costs $5 per user per month, while Business Premium costs $12.50. But Teams will take a little technical know-how to set up, so you may want tech support if you go down this route.

2. Google Hangouts

  • Devices: iOS, Android, macOS, and Web
  • Price: From $5/user/month (through G-Suite)

Google Hangouts doesn’t come for free. But if you pay just $5 for a G-Suite account, you’ll get access to Hangouts. The team chat app works a little differently to Slack (it doesn’t have public channels). But you can send direct messages to individuals, use rooms (rooms are like threads, used to chat about specific topics), or set up groups for mass communication.

Hangouts includes audio and video calls via Google Meet — alongside integrations with over forty third-party apps.

3. Chanty

  • Devices: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Web
  • Price: From $3/user/month (free for up to 10 users)

Chanty is a simpler team chat tool that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. The best thing about this app is it offers free unlimited message history searches for teams of up to 10 (Slack’s free version limits message searches).

Chanty is like Slack as it lets you communicate via public and private channels in both one-to-one and group conversations. And it has a neat organization feature for files, links, tasks, and discussions that it calls ‘Teambook.’ A built-in task manager and simplified interface make Chanty a reliable Slack alternative if you prefer a more straightforward user experience.

Plus, you can take things up a notch by using Zapier to connect the platform to hundreds of other apps — meaning at just $3 per user per month (or free, if your team is smaller than ten), it’s a highly-affordable Slack alternative.

4. Flock

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web
  • Price: From $4.50/user/month (with a freemium version)

Flock’s claim to fame is that its chat platform runs faster than Slack. It makes instant chat, audio and video calls — as well as built-in polls, reminders, notes, and code snippets — quicker than its better-known counterpart. 

The freemium version has a similar ‘10,000 message limit’ on search history. But you can connect it to over fifty other apps. Or pay $4.50 per month (if paid annually, $6 on a rolling basis) to unlock features, including screen-sharing and unlimited message history searches.

5. Ryver

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web
  • Price: From $49/month for up to 12 users (free for up to 6 users) 

Ryver is an all-in-one collaboration app that prides itself on its built-in task manager (think Trello in Slack). It lets you turn instant messages into tasks, then manage them in Kanban-style boards, instantly. Ryver’s set-up is similar to Slack in that it uses open channels, private groups, and direct messages for communication. With a voice and video call function able to host up to 400 participants.

If any feature is missing, you can likely plug the gap with Zapier. And the free version serves up to six users — or it’s $49 per month for up to twelve users and $99 for unlimited users (with a 14-day free trial offered to everyone).

6. Discord

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web
  • Price: Free

Discord isn’t built for work; it’s built for play (it’s the chat-app choice of gamers across the world) — but it’s so rich in functionality that many businesses have adopted it for the office. First up, it’s free (with unlimited message history searches included).

And while the app divides channels into text and voice-focused, you can tweak the set-up to work like Slack, using Discord settings. You won’t get many of the integrations you may want at work (at least, not the ones that the other chat apps on this list offer).

But if price matters, Discord is an excellent option for text, voice, and video-based communication.

7. Flowdock

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web
  • Price: From $3/user/month (free for up to five users)

Flowdock focuses on thread-based conversations. If that sounds like it could be confusing, the platform manages threads using color-coding, helping teams navigate topics and organize group chats more intuitively. Flowdock uses a similar set-up to Slack, with public, invite-only, and one-on-one threads.

At the same time, audio and video calls are offered via native integration (while you can connect 100s of other apps via Zapier). The platform is free for up to five users, then costs $3 per user per month — with a 30-day free trial thrown in.

8. Glip

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web
  • Price: $5/user/month (with a freemium version)

Glip is RingCentral’s team collaboration tool. It comes with built-in features that span tasks, calendars, and notes.  And you can connect it to your favorite apps using Zapier, which offers over twenty custom integrations. You’ll have to download the RingCentral app if you want to make video or audio calls.

But you get chat, file sharing, and task management for free (although there’s a 500-minute limit on video chat).  That said, the paid plan is just $5 per user per month and unlocks 24/7 priority support — alongside generous admin and privacy controls for all users.

9. RocketChat

  • Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web
  • Price: From $50/team/month

RocketChat is a slightly different Slack alternative. It’s an open-source communication hub that lets you customize its look-and-feel to your needs.

The cloud-based solution has all the same functionality as Slack, starting at $50 per month for a whole team. And you can enhance the service with features like real-time translation and end-to-end encryption. Plus, if you’d like to migrate from HipChat or Slack, you just have to export your files and upload them to RocketChat.

…or pay $525 for one months’ tech support.


Slack is a powerful team collaboration tool. But it can’t satisfy every business’ needs while sometimes, it falls short of expectations. If you need help finding the right chat app for your business, give Mid-Coast Tech a call on 207-223-7594.

We’re always around to offer free, no-obligation advice.