How To Work From Home

How To Work From Home

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— “How can I work from home?

The question that’s top of mind for a lot of folks right now.

The likes of Facebook, Apple, and Twitter have already asked their staff to ‘WFH’ due to coronavirus. But even if you’re not in Big Tech, working from home is easily (and affordably) done.

All you need is a few bits of readily available software — programs you can set up in an instant — and you’ll be good to go. Keep reading to find out what they are.

and if you’d like help setting up, we can get you working from home today.

Collaborate 24/7 with Office 365

The first tool you need to work from home is one that maintains company-wide productivity. 

Office 365 is the perfect collaborative toolset to keep your team working together, no matter where your employees are based. A host of cloud-based features and collaboration tools allow team members to share, comment, and communicate on projects, all at the same time, from wherever they choose, while cloud storage keeps every file secure.

Better still, Office 365 is available for a flat monthly fee that’s only a fraction of the cost of the full suite of Office apps. So, if you want to work from any internet-enabled device — anytime, anywhere — Office 365 is the tool for you.

Stay secure with a virtual private network

When folks first think of working from home, they often worry about the security of their data.


A virtual private network — or VPN, for short — can solve your every security concernIf you’re wondering, ‘what is a VPN?’ it’s a secure connection that guarantees users privacy and anonymity when browsing the internet.

VPNs work by encrypting your internet connection, so would-be hackers can’t access your data. And if you choose the right VPN, they give you the highest level of privacy you could hope for, meaning no-one (not even your internet service provider) can peep when you’re online — so even if you work from home, you can feel confident:

  • Reading confidential emails
  • Checking company financials
  • Reviewing your latest business deal
  • Doing anything you’d typically do in the office

…all safe in the knowledge that your virtual private network is keeping every detail secure from the outside world.

Access work phones with Star2Star

The final sticking point in working from home can be connectivity. 

Sure, your VPN may mean you’re happily available via email. But what if someone tries to reach you… by phone?

A best-in-class small business phone system, like Star2Star’s VOIP solution, can keep any small business just a dial away thanks to advanced functionality and cutting-edge features — such as:

  • 99.99% reliability meaning you’re always reachable on a top-quality line
  • ‌Multiple failover options ensuring business-critical calls still get through, even if your home internet or power supply fails
  • ‌Easy call transfer letting you see who’s calling and who’s available so that you can reroute calls to colleagues at the push of a button
  • Everywhere voice mail, bringing your messages to you, be it on email, cell phone, your home phone… or all three

And provided your existing phones are VOIP-enabled, we can connect hardware to software, keeping things simple and low-cost — so whether your customers catch you in the office or at home, they’ll never hear a difference.

It’s easy to work from home

We hope you now see that if you want to work from home, it’s easy enough to do.

That said, if you have questions, or if you want help setting things up, feel free to give Mid-Coast Tech on 207-223-7594.

We can get you going in an instant: Office 365, VPN, Star2Star phone connection — and all.