Our 14 Favorite VoIP Phone Services For SMEs

Our 14 Favorite VoIP Phone Services For SMEs

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VoIP is revolutionizing business phone systems throughout America.

The service routes phone calls through internet connections, which is much cheaper than using traditional telephone networks. But cost-savings aren’t the only benefit.

There are a host of powerful features that boost productivity, including voicemail, three-way calls, even face-to-face video conferences, meaning colleagues and clients never feel too far away. VoIP is also easy to install — and it comes with direct integrations to CRM systems and help-desks from the moment you’re set up.

If you’re thinking about installing a VoIP system, here are the top 14 providers to consider.

1. Star2Star Communications

  • Price: From $10.99/month

Small and medium-sized businesses love Star2Star thanks to its cutting-edge features and delightfully flexible pricing plans. For as little as $10 per user per month, you’ll enjoy a near-faultless, crystal clear phone line that boasts 99.9% reliability.

Failover options protect you in case your internet connection breaks. And transcribed voicemails sent to email guarantee every last message gets through. Star2Star is even compatible with any VoIP-enabled hardware, so it’s easy to switch using your existing phones.

2. Ooma

  • Price: From $20/month

Ooma considers itself the ‘small business phone system.’ Why so? It includes features like a virtual assistant that can automate routing for inbound calls. And it enables something called Ring Groups: a function that redirects calls to the right department, while only ever using one phone number.

3. Line2

  • Price: From $8/month

Line2 is another VoIP service that prides itself on its SME focus. In part, because it’s so cost-effective. Yet that’s not to say it’s no-frills. Line2 lets you connect your personal device to your business line, meaning you can manage business and pleasure with the same number.

If that sounds too close for comfort, you can always screen calls to keep customers at arm’s length when you want to be left in peace.

4. RingCentral

  • Price: From $22.99/month

RingCentral is a more comprehensive contact center that works as well for a customer care team as it does for a sales department. Skills-based call routing transfers inbound inquiries to the most appropriate team while smart outbound features will supercharge your customer service.

There’s even an ‘omnichannel inbox’ that helps agents manage calls from various channels via a single interface.

5. Nextiva

  • Price: From $20/month

Similar to RingCentral, Nextiva offers an all-in-one communications hub with a phone system built-in. The VoIP service includes unlimited outbound calling alongside inbound call-queuing, with a voicemail transcription service delivering messages to any email inbox.

Now anyone can read voicemails on the fly.

6. CircleLoop

  • Price: From $7/month

CircleLoop is a UK-based operator, but it offers unlimited calling to standard USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand numbers, making it suitable for US-based businesses. The $7 ‘pay as you go’ monthly fee offers incredible flexibility — particularly when you factor in the built-in conference call function that can save a small fortune because you won’t have to install a third-party app.

7. CallHippo

  • Price: Free option available

CallHippo is a user-friendly VoIP service that’s great for first-timers.

It includes all the features you’d expect from a typical phone service (voicemail, call transfers, and conference calls). Plus, call forwarding lets you choose a number to reroute calls to when you fail to pick up.

If you have a particular distaste for elevator-esque ‘hold’ music, CallHippo could be your saving grace thanks to its slightly jazzier notes.

8. Aircall

  • Price: From $40/month

Aircall is a more sophisticated cloud-based phone system, but that’s not to say it’s hard to use.

It integrates seamlessly with most CRMs. And lets you create a custom toll-free number using your local area code. It also supports international calls — plus you can set up an interactive voice response system, allowing customers to find the best agent to quickly resolve their concerns.

9. JustCall

  • Price: From $25/month

JustCall is a great option to try if you’re tired of your existing service provider. Just share your current number with the team, and they’ll link it to your JustCall account — for free. Or if you’re tired of your old number, create a new one.

You can even spell your company name or use a special message, making your phone number memorable for all.

10. GoToConnect

  • Price: From $20/month

Once called Jive, now called GoToConnect, but the service remains the same. One-touch logins and scheduled logouts make it easy for customer support agents to get online — with on-screen details like call-waiting time and contact information, ensuring everyone can see when it’s time to pick up.

11. CloudTalk

  • Price: From $15/month

CloudTalk offers a virtual phone system for sales and customer service teams, anywhere in the world. The super flexible service lets you create custom five-digit numbers, making your team easier to reach — with personalized greetings messages and several music options to keep customers happy, even if they’re left on hold.

12. 8×8

  • Price: From $12/month

8×8 offers an all-in-one communications center that suits sales teams and customer support in equal measure. One feature we love is called web callbacks: a short form that lets customers request callbacks right on your website.

As soon as the contact hits submit, you’ll see a ticket in your inbox requesting a callback — with no-one ever left on-hold.

13. Vonage

  • Price: From $20/month

Vonage is another UK-based operator offering a reliable VoIP service to global customers. We’ve included the VoIP service in this list as it has a powerful spam filter: a smart function that checks the provenance of inbound calls before routing them to your reps.

There’s also a dynamic receptionist console, giving your customer support agents a way to triage up to 50 calls at once.

14. Dialpad

  • Price: From $15/month

Last on the list is Dialpad: the cloud-based #workfromanywhere specialist.

Dialpad offers seamless integration with most existing phone lines, enabling quick deployment in remote work environments. If you need new hardware, Dialpad offers that too: headsets, telephones, and the whole nine yards are equally easy to source from this resourceful business VoIP provider.


If you’re looking for a best-in-class small business phone system, you’re in the right place — give Mid-Coast Tech a call on 207-223-7594, and we’d be delighted to help you get set up.