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Seven advantages of using VoIP in your small business

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Every small business owner dreams of low-cost, highly effective solutions.

Ways to drive productivity without blowing the budget. Even in an age where telecommunication is taking a backseat, a reliable direct line is still important — especially for those looking to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) answers every call in today’s internet-enabled world. It is the ultimate cost-saver. It’s easy to set up. You can connect existing hardware, and you have a range of features at your disposal (including call transfers, portable voicemail, and conference calling). Still not convinced?

Here are seven reasons why we believe every small business can benefit from using VoIP.

1. Voice over Internet Protocol means cheaper phone calls

Every company wants to minimize costs. The best way to do that is to use existing infrastructure for multiple tasks. VoIP lets you use your current internet connection to make phone calls as well, so it’s a great cost-cutter for three reasons:

  • You eliminate the need for phone lines
  • You pay once yet get two services
  • VoIP works on domestic and international calls

Some VoIP providers actually offer free domestic calls, even over longer distances: so, if you have a +1 number for the US, you may be able to make calls to lower-48 states, toll-free.

2. VoIP guarantees call quality

People often ask, “What if I’m making a call over the internet, and my connection goes down?

— Won’t the line fail?” Simple answer… “No.The best VoIP service providers guarantee 99.99% reliability, meaning you’re always reachable on a top-quality phone line.

Better still, they offer several fail-safes to ensure business-critical calls still get through, even if the internet or power supply falls over. So… no matter the situation, you’ll hear what’s being said at the other end of the line (which is more than can be said for many standard phone lines).

3. Your business line can follow you wherever you go

Less spooky than it sounds: VoIP services are designed to be mobile, so if you’re out-and-about or you choose to work from home — you can still access your business phone line.

  • No remembering access codes
  • No transferring numbers from one location to another

Your VoIP service works without limitations, giving you the freedom to shift ‘where business happens’ in line with the ebb and flow of global events.

4. There are features you don’t get with typical phone lines

It’s one thing being reachable wherever you go. But what if you miss a call?

It’s back to the office to pick up a voicemail, right? Wrong. Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t only flexible when it comes to incoming calls. If you need to listen to voicemail, you can do so, anywhere. In fact, with VoIP, voicemail features are even more flexible:

  • You can receive transcribed messages via email 
  • You can listen to voice messages on your mobile 
  • You can access voicemail on your home phone

Equally, if you’re busy and you notice a caller on the line, you can reroute to a colleague you see is available. Or if everyone’s hard at work, let the caller leave a message — then forward the voicemail to whoever needs to hear it at the click of a mouse.

5. You can arrange conference calls for free

If you host dial-in calls on a standard phone line, you likely pay for the service. If you switch to a VoIP line, the functionality is available for freeAs the call happens over the internet, conference calls become a built-in feature. So, participants simply sign into the conference over the connection.

What about video conferencing? Yes, that’s often free via VoIP as well.

6. They’re customizable for flexible working

Today’s employees expect flexibility.

Whether they’re traveling on business, working from home, or focusing on a critical project for a few hours: your setup needs to accommodate their needs if it’s to maximize their productivity — and you can customize your VoIP phone system to do this. 

Today, you might want to route all calls to your local office. Tomorrow, abroad. A few clicks are all it takes. Next week, you’re not sure where you’ll be, no problem, you could configure your line to:

  1. Ring three times at work…
  2. …transfer to home if not answered…
  3. …then to a laptop… 
  4. …before finally reaching voicemail.

7. VoIPs are future-proof

The world is going increasingly digital. Getting your services online can only help.

Doing so removes the risk of relying on outdated infrastructure. Instead, you focus on technology that will be around for decades. Better still, the investment doesn’t necessarily mean new devices. Provided your phones are VoIP-enabled, you can connect existing hardware to new software.

…and keep everything both simple and low-cost.


A reliable phone line can be the difference between an outstanding customer experience and a horrifying one.

Exceed customer expectations on every call: give Mid-Coast Tech a ring on our VoIP line at 207-223-7594, and we can discuss setting up a similar service for you.